Good morning!  Today is Friday, March 25, and on this day in 1954, RCA manufactured the 1st color TV set, which cost $1000.  

Breakfast can be found each morning in the P.E. room. Lunch today will be a Baked Potato with Meat, Cheese or Broccoli filling. Remember to sign up with your first and last name on Google Forms by 9 a.m. 

Detention will be held in Mr. McConnaha’s room today.

Activities for the week:

Friday, 3/25 - Finals and the End of 3rd Semester


The Envirothon team will meet every Wednesday and Friday at lunch in the Ag-Ed room.


There will be a Planning Meeting for Senior Grad Night on Monday, March 28 @ 6 PM at the PCHS Library. 


Here is today’s joke of the day: What did the pirate say when he turned 80? Aye matey.