Cartoon drawing of blue and yellow lockers

Tomorrow, May 13th, we are asking students to come clean out lockers. We have given students specific time slots based on last name and we ask that students please stick to their time slot. If there is a reason that your time slot will not work, then you need to email Jenn. The front doors will be the only doors open and students need will need to use them to go in and to go out.

 There were a LOT of items left in the gym lockers. All of the things left in the locker rooms have been pulled out and they will be on tables near the office. The lost and found is also overflowing. Items left at the end of the day tomorrow will be donated to a thrift store. 

Here is the breakdown of time slots:

Last Names Times
Ab-Ben 9:00-9:15
Bid-But 9:25-9:40
Can-Flet 9:50-10:05
For-Ham 10:15-10:30
Han-Hil 10:40-10:55
Hjo-Jon 11:05-11:20
Kim-Lom 12:012:15
Mal-McK 12:25-12:40
Mcki-Nic 12:50-1:05
Nol-Ros 1:15-1:30
Rub-Sol 1:40-1:55
Spe-Tho 2:05-2:20
Tie-Zac 2:30-2:45

If you have any questions, please call the office or email Jenn