Monday, December 17, 2019                                                 

Class schedule:  It’s a Blue Day 1,2,3,4


 Lunch Duty: 1st Floor: Mrs. Hunter 2nd Floor: Mr. Cotton



Select Choir sings in Atrium @ Lunch


Student COuncil Meeting


BBB vs Florence 3:30,5,8

GBB vs FLorence 3:30, 6:30


1:30 Dismissal


Wrestling @ Corvallis

Joke of the Day: What kind of math do Snowy Owls like? A: Owlgebra.

Lunch today will be Deli Sandwich and bowl of soup.. . Tomorrow will be Spaghetti. Please sign up with your student ID before 9 am for lunch.

The junior class is holding a fundraiser for prom. Starting on December 2nd through December 17th, the juniors will be selling candy canes during lunch by the front door. A small candy cane will be 50 cents and a large candy cane will be $1. You have the option to write an anonymous or personalized note to be attached to a candy cane. The candy canes will be passed out during class on December 19th.


Student council will be sponsoring dress up days for next week.


Tuesday: Color wars! 

Freshmen wear green.

Sophomores wear red.

Juniors wear blue.

Seniors wear white.

Staff wears Gold

Wednesday: Dress as your favorite character from a Christmas movie!

Thursday: "July in Christmas" Dress like it's summer!

Friday: Ugly Sweater Day!


We have extra boxes of FFA fruit for sale.  As always we ship in some very high quality fruit and have a few extra boxes.  We can mix and match the fruit and make a box that suits your needs. Cost; small boxes $35 and large boxes $45. Grapefruit, Oranges, 6 different kids of Apples and Peas are available.