Monday, November 25, 2019                                                 

Class schedule:  It’s a Gold Day 8,5,6,7


 Lunch Duty: 1st Floor: Mrs. Hagan 2nd Floor: Mrs, Glisson



1:30 Dismissal


No School

Joke of the Day: Why did the turkey join the band? He had drumsticks

Lunch today will be Thanksgiving DInner. Tomorrow will be Ham and Cheese Pizza Ripper. Please sign up with your student ID before 9 am for lunch.

The junior class is holding a fundraiser for prom. Starting on December 2nd through December 17th, the juniors will be selling candy canes during lunch by the front door. A small candy cane will be 50 cents and a large candy cane will be $1. You have the option to write an anonymous or personalized note to be attached to a candy cane. The candy canes will be passed out during class on December 19th.



Attention seniors:  Jostens will be here Tuesday, December 3 at 2:30 to go over information for graduation.  Make sure you are here for that meeting. He will be returning the following Tuesday to take orders.


There will be an Envirothon meeting at lunch today in Mr. Lombardi’s room. New members are welcome!