Tuesday, November 19, 2019                                                 

Class schedule:  It’s a Gold Day 5,6,7,8


 Lunch Duty: 1st Floor: Mrs. Gates 2nd Floor: Mr. Stevenson



Student Council Meeting @ Lunch


Winter Sports Practice Begins

Joke of the Day: Why don’t ants get sick? Because they have little anty bodies

Lunch today will be BBQ Pork Riblett. Tomorrow will be Lasagna Roll Ups. Please sign up with your student ID before 9 am for lunch.

Attention Medical interns--If you're planning to take the Medical Terminology class, you need to turn in your registration form to Mrs. Glisson by the end of the day on Friday.


There will be an assembly this afternoon at 2:30.  Our speaker is being paid through grant funds which require a short survey be filled out before and after the assembly.  You may hand the surveys to me as you leave the gym this afternoon or return them to your first period teacher tomorrow.


The junior class is holding a fundraiser for prom. Starting on December 2nd through December 17th, the juniors will be selling candy canes during lunch by the front door. A small candy cane will be 50 cents and a large candy cane will be $1. You have the option to write an anonymous or personalized note to be attached to a candy cane. The candy canes will be passed out during class on December 19th.


The November  FFA meeting in review will be on Friday at lunch in Mr. Lombardi's room