Yellow P and Yellow C



Tuesday, November 5, 2019                                                 

Class schedule:  It’s a Gold Day 7,8,5,6


 Lunch Duty: 1st Floor: Mr. Cotton 2nd Floor: Mr. Schalk


Joke of the Day: What did the sushi say to the bee? Wasabi

Lunch today will beCheesy Breadstick Dunkers with Marinara Sauce. Thursday will be Tater Tot Casserole. Please sign up with your student ID before 9 am for lunch.

Please check your email today. Jenn sent a short survey for you to fill out. Out of 188 students, only 34 have filled this out. 

There will be a rep from Montana State University here on Thursday, November 14.  If you're interested in visiting with him, please sign up in the office.

The Winter Sports Meeting will be held next Tuesday, November 12th at 5:30.