Yellow P and Yellow C



Tuesday, October 29, 2019                                                 

Class schedule:  It’s a Blue Day 4,1,2,3


 Lunch Duty: 1st Floor: Bleken 2nd Floor: Mrs. Perkins



AR Due 3:45pm


End of 1st Quarter


Speech and Debate @ Helena High

Lunch today will be Chicken Strips and Nuggets. Wednesday will be Hamburger Gravy. Please sign up with your student ID before 9 am for lunch.

PCHS will be hosting the volleyball play-in game on Tuesday, October 29 at 6:00 p.m.  This is a MHSA tournament event so activity tickets will not be accepted. Admission will be $4 for students and $5 for adults.

The Craft club is going to have a meeting today at lunch in Miss. Bleken’s room. Everyone is welcome and if you have any questions please contact Jesse Pauley.

A representative from Montana Tech will be here today at 10:30.  If you would like to speak with her please sign up in the office.

Student council is putting on a costume contest on halloween! There will be a prize for the best school appropriate costume!

The Wardens and Friends Pep Band will play tonight for the Volleyball match starting at 5:20!  Best of luck Wardens! Also, We will rehearse on Wednesday at 6:00 in the Junior High Band Room.  Thanks and have a terrific Tuesday!