Activities for the week:

Wednesday - State Golf @ Shelby — FFA Spring Banquet @ 6pm @ Elks

Thursday - Softball Divisional Tournament @ Anaconda — Ukulele Club @ Lunch

Friday - Softball Divisional Tournament @ Anaconda — Divisional  Track @ Missoula 

Saturday - Softball Divisional Tournament @ Anaconda — Divisional Track @ Missoula 

There are forms in the office for the 1st Annual Breanna Rome Foundation Volleyball Tournament, if anyone is interested in participating.

The Navy recruiter will be here at lunch by Mrs. Perkins’ room as a Career Fair follow-up.

Students who still owe money for their reserved yearbook copies need to have their balance paid in full by May 26th at 3pm. If these balances are not paid, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a copy of the yearbook. Seniors, this is a reminder that your yearbook price has dropped to only $23! Ms. Biere has a copy reserved for each of you, but you have to pay your balance by the end of next week. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! Students, if you are unsure whether or not you owe a balance, please either send Ms. Biere an email or stop by and see her.

Congratulations to Taylor Stevenson on earning Second Team All-Conference Honorable Mention for softball.

Here are today’s jokes of the day: What does a bicycle call its dad? Pop-cycle. And: If you ride your bike twice in one day, is that recycling?