Activities for the week:

Friday - District Track @ Missoula — Softball Tournament @ Butte Central — Long Lunch for Juniors — Welding Certification in Kalispell

Saturday - District Track @ Missoula — Softball Tournament @ Butte Central 

Next year’s incoming Freshmen will be touring the school today @ 9 

The King has been Crowned: Jacob Hansen pulled out a tight match against Liam Bossert. Congrats Jacob and thank you to all of those who played in the all-school chess tournament.

There are forms in the office for the 1st Annual Breanna Rome Foundation Volleyball Tournament, if anyone is interested in participating.

On Wednesday, May 17th, the Navy recruiter will be here at lunch by Mrs. Perkins’ room as a Career Fair follow-up.

Our Wonderful Warden today is…..

Here’s today’s joke of the day: What do you call a small mother? A Minimum