Activities for the week:

Wednesday - All-School Community Cleanup - AM — All-School Forensics Event - PM

Thursday - Ukulele Club @ Lunch — Senior Showcase @ 6 pm

Friday - District Track @ Missoula — Softball Tournament @ Butte Central

Saturday - District Track @ Missoula — Softball Tournament @ Butte Central 

A huge shout-out to PCHS students and staff for being awesome with all the AP testing and quietness in the hallways during the testing. 

Who will be king - Jacob Hansen or Liam Bossert? Will the sophomore or the senior be chess champion? We will know tonight after school. 

There will be a Mother’s Day sale going on at the Greenhouse today and tomorrow from 10 am - 5pm.  Stop by and buy your mom something for Mother’s Day!

On Wednesday, May 17th, the Navy recruiter will be here at lunch by Mrs. Perkins’ room as a Career Fair follow-up.

Here are 2 jokes today:   I would like a job cleaning mirrors. It’s something I could see myself doing. 

What do you call an Italian window cleaner? Squ-igi.