Activities for the week:

Tuesday - AP English Exam @ 8 am — Golf Divisionals @ Eureka —  Softball @ Ennis 

Wednesday - All-School Community Cleanup - AM — All-School Forensics Event - PM

Thursday - Ukulele Club @ Lunch — Senior Showcase @ 6 pm

Friday - District Track @ Missoula — Softball Tournament @ Butte Central

Saturday - District Track @ Missoula — Softball Tournament @ Butte Central 

Who will be king - Jacob Hansen or Liam Bossert? Will the sophomore or the senior be chess champion? We will know on Wednesday after school. 

In honor of National Teacher Day, here are several jokes:  Did you hear that old Math teachers never die? They just lose some of their functions. 

Why were the teacher's eyes crossed? She couldn't control her pupils!

How is an English teacher like a judge? They both give out sentences.