Activities for the week:

Thursday - FINALS Periods 3 & 4 – Ukulele Club @ Lunch

Thursday - Friday - State FFA @ Great Falls

Friday - FINALS Periods 1 & 2 — X Days @ UM-Western — Close-up Leaves for Washington, D.C. — Early Out at 12 pm

Saturday - Track @ Corvallis

Reminder that the end of Quarter 6/Semester 3 is tomorrow!

Chess players - please come to Mr. Cotton's room and sign up for your games ASAP. 

If anyone 16 and under is interested in playing baseball this spring, there are informational sheets at the office for Little League!

If you’d like to order a yearbook, the deadline is April 1st! The cost is $40. Please see Ms. Biere to order your yearbook.

In honor of National Drug & Alcohol Facts week, here’s a question: Which are examples of prescription stimulant misuse? 

  1. Taking stimulant medication that was not prescribed to you

  2. Taking more than your prescribed dose

  3. Taking a medication in a way other than prescribed

  4. All of the above

The Answer is D - all of the above

Now for our joke of the day:  What do you call a mushroom who is the life of the party? A fun-gi.