Good morning!  Today is Thursday, May 5, and today is Cinco De Mayo. 

Breakfast can be found each morning in the P.E. room. Lunch today will be Frito Tacos. Remember to sign up with your first and last name on Google Forms by 9 a.m. 

Detention will be in the Math room (#201).

Activities for the week:

Thursday, 5/5 - Track @ Anaconda

Thursday, 5/5 - Golf @ Three Forks

Friday, 5/6 - Saturday, 5/7 - State Music @ Helena

Friday, 5/6 - Golf @ Fairmont

Friday, 5/6 - Long Lunch 11:24 - 12:24

Saturday, 5/7 - Track @ Missoula


Reminder that the Sophomore class is still selling muffins between classes and at lunch! Muffins are $2 each.


Next Friday, May 13, there will be a “Back to the 90’s” Party at the Youth Center. Please see the posters around school for more information.


Here’s today’s joke of the day:  What did my doctor say when I told him I broke my arm in 2 places? Stop going to those places!