• Scholarship Links/Info  (BE SURE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE TO SEE ALL LISTINGS)-- due Jan. 5th, click on Scholarship&Senatorship Forms then select MT JC Scholarship Application Form ($1000).

  due Jan. 15th ($1000).

   due Jan. 28th, strong interest in STEM career (full tuition to Univ of Providence).

  (Ronald McDonald House) due Jan. 18th ($1000).

  due Jan. 31st Youth MT Scholarship ($1000, volunteer hours needed/financial aid).

  due Jan. 30th for National Honor Society members. Contact Mrs. Hunter for sponsor signature.

   due Feb. 15th for FCCLA members.


    OddFellow&Rebekah Lodges of MT Scholarship due Mar.10th (for seniors with less than 3.1GPA, must attend school/training in Montana, several $500 scholarships available).  Handouts with the following details are available on the table in the outer counseling office.  Materials to be submitted: (1) a short essay about your future plans, including the name of the shcool you are planning to attend and your field of study, (2) a paragraph about your family, including if anyone in your family was a member of OddFellow or Rebekah, (3) explanation of your finanicial need, (4) a photo of yourself, (5) ONE letter of recommendation from a teacher, ONE from a friend/relative, ONE from an employer or pastor (include THREE letters in total), (6) a resume or statement-sharing your extracurricular activities, honors/awards, hobbies/activities outside of school, home obligations.  Postmark by Mar. 10 mailing all above to Joan Fischer, Secretary; 3157 Conestaoga Way; Billings, MT 59105.


    Omicron Chapter Scholarship due Mar. 10th ($500 for FEMALE seniors interested in pursuing a degree in education field) omicron application .

  due Mar. 15th, GPA 3.4 or greater (renewable for full tution up to four years at a Montana college).

  due Mar. 15th (must attend a Montana college, parents’ income not to exceed $55,000).

  due Mar. 16th (renewable $500 to $5000).


    MT Clerk and Recorder's Scholarship due Mar. 16th ($1000 first prize, must attend a MT school) Clerk&Recorder App .

   due Mar. 31st (parents' combined income not to exceed $50,000).


    MT Food Distributors Assoc. Scholarship (only available in hard copy—these are available from the table in counseling outer office) due April 3rd  (Valley Foods is a sponsor for Deer Lodge applicants.).


    DLEA Education Scholarship due by April 6th for any graduate considering a degree in education DLEA Application.


    Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan Scholarship April 9th.


    People Helping People Scholarship sponsored by Gates of the Mountains Credit Union due April 13 People Helping People Schol Application; if having difficulty opening this application--please note that application materials were emailed to all seniors and can be accessed from your school email account.


    Deer Lodge Youth Board Scholarship up to (2) $250 awarded to for outstanding leadership and service to the Youth Board due by Apr 15  Application.


    MT Sheriff's&Peace Officers Assoc Scholarship due April 15th (two $750 scholarships available to seniors who are seeking a career in local law enforcement). Handouts with the following details are available on the table in the outer counseling office.  Materials to be mailed: (1)letter requesting consideration, (2)transcripts, (3)resume listing references, (4)outline of career goals, (5)recent photo of self, (6)statement of financial need, (7)letter from college verifying that you have applied for a criminal justice program.  Submit the above to: Sheriff Wynn Meehan; Broadwater County Sheriff's Office; 519 Broadway; Townsend, MT 59644 and an additional copy of materials to: MSPOA  Admin Office; 34 W. 6th Ste.2E; Helena, MT 59601.


    Warden Booster Club Scholarship (two-$750) due April 18th app p.1app p.2-5.


    PCHS Endowment Higher Education Scholarship due April 20th Description of/Directions for Scholarship.  Endowment Application.


    Deer Lodge Local COMMUNITY Scholarship(s) Application due April 20th Community Schol Application.


    Moose Lodge Scholarship (two) $500 scholarships due April 21  Moose App.


    PEO Scholarship for FEMALE graduates due April 30; applications available from counseling office.


    Winnie Lapp Scholarship $500 due April 30 winnie lapp app.


    Deer Lodge Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship due April 27th ($500 scholarship to any senior who desires an education in health-related field) DLMC Auxiliary Application .


    Excellence Scholarship $1500 scholarship awarded to PCHS graduate due May 1st Excellence App.

   due May 1st ($500 with interest in nutrition).


    Mary Bennett Scholarship due May 1st MBennett App.


    DLMC Scholarship for a graduating senior interested in a career in the medical field ($1000) due May 10th DLMC app.