• Working Hard to Play Hard  
    Welcome back to school! I have spent my summer working hard, so I could play hard! I worked in the pharmacy at Walgreens in Butte, and worked at the visitor center of course. I did manage to do some fun things throughout the summer. I went to Spokane for the Phantom of ther Opera, visited Yellowstone, watched the 3rd of July fireworks, hit a deer on the 4th of July, went floating,  fundraised for a fellow college budy, passed three classes for grad school, went to a wedding, and saved money for a trip to Boston in October! I also managed to finish most of my Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews (sorry no photos for that one!). OH! I also survived the Earthquake!quake wedding yellowstonearch falls buffalo prismatics prismatic2 I have had a busy busy summer and I am looking forward to returning to school and to the 2017-2018 school year! 
     phantom phantom2 dakota 3rd car
    Please feel free contact me at sbleken@pchs.dl.k12.mt.us or by phone 406.846.2757 ext. 47
Last Modified on August 21, 2017