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    1. Raise your hand before talking.
    2. One person talking at a time
    3. No interruptions during class instruction (including tardy’s).
    4. NO students in the office or storage cabinets without permission.
    5. Take care of our classroom furniture, computers and shop equipment.
    6. Shut down your computer and clean up after working.
    7. No student on the teacher’s computer.
    8. No sandals in any ag-ed classes, this is a safety issue.



    1. Detention must be served within 48 hours (two school days)of being assigned or having your nave circled on the board.
    2. Arrangements must be made with the teachers to serve the detention, detention will be in the ag-ed shop.
    3. Failure to do detention on time will result in doubling of the detention. The student will be expelled from the class until detention is completed.



    PCHSgrading scale

    100-92 A

    91-83  B

    82-74  C

    73-65  D



    Threering notebooks are required for all classes. They will be graded at least onceeach quarter. Notebooks must include: grade sheet, and class information sheet,paper, notes, handouts, tests, and homework.


    Classroomgrading will be based upon:

    1. Tests. 2. Quizzes 3. Homework and class assignments. 4. Class participation. Shop and lab grading will be based upon: Assignments, Class participation (including field trips)clean up, Safety, Finished Project, and All shop projects must have an approved set of plans, bill of materials and a plan of procedure before work can begin.




    Creditwill be given only for excused absences and school related absences whichare made up. No written work can be made up after the assignment has beenpassed back. Missed daily grades can be made up after school and on open shopnights not during study hall,make arrangements with the instructor.  Also a lab make up sheet must be filled out.



    Safetyis a very important part of the program. All safety tests will be passed with a100% to operate the equipment. All students will have a signed safety policyletter to work in the lab area and all safety infractions will be dealt withaccording to the PCHS vocational education safety policy. No sandals!!



    Extracredit (called LDP, leadership development points) will be added on to yourgrade if you have participated in extra activities.  If you have put in effort to improve your educationand leadership it will be recognized and rewarded with LDP points.



     Phone numbers    Ag-Edroom 846-2757 ex.20 leave a message

                      School farm 846-2297

                      School Fax 846-2759

                      Mr. Lombardi’s home 846-1699call between 7 am and

                      9:45 pm leave a message withmy wife if I am not




    Ad-Ed/FFA/ SAE

     Ag Education is a three part educationalprogram.

    1. Class / lab instruction
    2. FFA leadership development
    3. SAE (supervised agricultural experience) work experience.

    All three parts will beincluded in class assignments and grading.



    FFAdues will be paid by the state and will cover the cost for all Ag-Ed studentsto be full dues paid FFA members. Monthly meetings are (most often) on thefirst Tuesday of each month and 7:30 pm in the Ag room. Members are eligiblefrom the 7th grade to 3 years post High School.



    The FFA school farm is a unique educationalopportunity at our school. The farm is there for the students to gain workexperience. The hours are from 7am to 9pm, seven days a weekend 365 days ayear. However all visitors, students and parents must sign in when visitingthe farm and you must ask the instructor for permission to visit the farmoutside of class time.  Farm phonenumber is 846-2297.


    Studentstake this information sheet home and go over with your parents.




    Student signature_______________________________   parentsignature __________________________

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