due Nov. 15th, applicants (from a community of less than 50,000 residents) must have a composite ACT score of at least a 23 and at least a 3.5GPA and demonstrate financial need.

  due Nov. 15th Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship.

  due Jan. 5th, click on Scholarship&Senatorship Forms then select MT JC Scholarship Application Form ($1000).

  due Jan. 15th ($1000).

  (Ronald McDonald House) due Jan. 18th ($1000).

   due Jan. 28th, strong interest in STEM career (full tuition to Univ of Providence).

   due Jan. 30th for National Honor Society members. Contact Mrs. Hunter for sponsor signature.

  due Jan. 31st Youth MT Scholarship ($1000, volunteer hours needed/financial aid).

   due Feb. 15th for FCCLA members.


    Omicron Chapter Scholarship due Mar. 10th ($500 for FEMALE seniors interested in pursuing a degree in education field) omicron application .


    OddFellow&Rebekah Lodges of MT Scholarship due Mar.15th (for seniors with less than 3.1GPA, must attend school/training in Montana, several $500 scholarships available).  Handouts with the following details are available on the table in the outer counseling office.  Materials to be submitted: (1) a short essay about your future plans, including the name of the shcool you are planning to attend and your field of study, (2) a paragraph about your family, including if anyone in your family was a member of OddFellow or Rebekah, (3) explanation of your finanicial need, (4) a photo of yourself, (5) ONE letter of recommendation from a teacher, ONE from a friend/relative, ONE from an employer or pastor (include THREE letters in total), (6) a resume or statement-sharing your extracurricular activities, honors/awards, hobbies/activities outside of school, home obligations.  Postmark by Mar. 15 and mailed to: Adia Thompson, Chair; 1209 Lewis Ave.; Billings, MT  59102.


    Olive Rice Rierson Foundation Scholarship due Mar. 15th POWELL COUNTY RESIDENTS

  due Mar. 15th, GPA 3.4 or greater (renewable for full tution up to four years at a Montana college).

  due Mar. 15th (must attend a Montana college, parents’ income not to exceed $55,000).


    MT Clerk and Recorder's Scholarship due Mar. 15th ($1000 first prize, must attend a MT school) Clerk&Recorder App .

  due Mar. 16th (renewable $500 to $5000).

   due Mar. 31st (parents' combined income not to exceed $50,000). 


    Rocky Mountain Stockgrower's Association Application due April 1.


    DLEA Education Scholarship due by April 6th for any graduate considering a degree in education application.


    Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan Scholarship April 8th.


    Deer Lodge Youth Board Scholarship up to (2) $250 awarded to for outstanding leadership and service to the Youth Board due by Apr 15  Application.


    MT Sheriff's&Peace Officers Assoc Scholarship due April 15th (two $750 scholarships available to seniors who are seeking a career in local law enforcement). Handouts with the following details are available on the table in the outer counseling office.  Materials to be mailed: (1)letter requesting consideration, (2)transcripts, (3)resume listing references, (4)outline of career goals, (5)recent photo of self, (6)statement of financial need, (7)letter from college verifying that you have applied for a criminal justice program.  Submit the above to: Sheriff Wynn Meehan; Broadwater County Sheriff's Office; 519 Broadway; Townsend, MT 59644 and an additional copy of materials to: MSPOA  Admin Office; 34 W. 6th Ste.2E; Helena, MT 59601.


    Warden Booster Club Scholarship (two-$750) due April 18th app p.1 app p.2-5.


    PCHS Endowment Higher Education Scholarship due April 20th Description of Foundation ScholsApplication.


    Deer Lodge Local COMMUNITY Scholarship(s) Application due April 20th Community Schol Application.


    DLMC Auxiliary Scholarship due April 26th ($1000 for those who are interested in pursuing a career in health-related field.) Application Description of Scholarship.


    PEO Scholarship for FEMALE graduates due April 30 app.


    Winnie Lapp Scholarship $500 due April 30 winnie lapp app.



    Excellence Scholarship $1500 scholarship awarded to PCHS graduate due May 1st Excellence App.


    Mary Bennett Scholarship due May 1st MBennett App.


    MTSNA Scholarship (MT School Nutrition Assoc.) offers two $500 scholarships, if furthering one's education in the field of nutrition (dietitian, wellness, culinary).  Due by May 1.  Visit


    DLMC Scholarship for a graduating senior interested in a career in the medical field ($1000) due May 10th application.