• Students who are unexcused do not have the option to make up participation points missed in PE.  Students with excused absences have the following options to make up their participation grade:
    1. Complete a 30 min workout that is approved by the teacher.  Have a parent sign a note saying what activity the student completed, how long the activity took, and the date the activity took place.  Ex: "Suzie jogged for 30 min on April 6, 2014"
    2. Complete 1 Sportfolio assignment.  There are 10 questions pertaining to the article from the Sportfolio sheet.  If the student answers all 10 questions correct they get full credit for the day missed.
    3. Complete a 1 page report on a topic approved by the teacher.
    Below are links to Sportfolio assignments that students can complete:
Last Modified on September 30, 2015