• Classroom Guidelines:
    • BE RESPECTFUL - You will have respect for everyone and everything starting with yourself
    • BE ON TIME - Do NOT be late for class, it is a disruption to the teacher, as well as fellow classmates.
    • BE PREPARED - Make sure you have everything you need for this class ready to go by the time I take attendance. 
    • BE RESPONSIBLE - Take time for your homework and do not be afraid to ask for help. 
    •  Cell phone/ electronic device usage is NOT permitted within the classroom!      
    Classroom Materials:
     Materials required for my math classes are pretty simple and straight forward:
    1. loose leaf paper/ 3 ring binder
      • Loose leaf paper in a 3 ring binder makes turning in assignments and keeping all papers and handouts in one location simple and easy than an already bound notebook. 
    2. Pencil
      • NO pen is allowed in class, and I will deduct points on any assignment done and turned in pen. 
      • Students MAY USE PEN if they wish to use them for note taking strategies.