• Working Hard to Play Hard  
    Welcome back to school! I have spent my summer working hard, so I can graduate! I worked in the pharmacy at Walgreens again this summer, and passed my certification test. I did not play as hard this summer, but I did manage to make my annual trip to Yellowstone National Park and of course the Grand Tetons. In addition I endeavored on an excellent fishing trip and added to my art collection, put in a few camping trips. I also attended my brothers wedding and my older sisters wedding. I booked my tickets to go see Legally Blonde later in Spokane! As usual, I finished most of my Christmas shopping over the summer! I also got to spend the summer with my girls, Finn & Mav! As always I am super excited to be back to my teaching job and am looking forward to the 2018-2019 schoole year! 
    Please feel free contact me at sbleken@pchs.dl.k12.mt.us or by phone 406.846.2757 ext. 47
Last Modified on August 26, 2018