• The intent of Physical Education and Health is to provide students with the knowledge and experience for the importance to live healthy and active lifestyles.  Through the use of a various activities, both individual and group activities, each student will experience how physical exercise can improve their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Per regulations from the Montana Office of Public Instruction students are required to complete two years of PE and Health.
    • Follow all school rules listed in the Student Handbook and/or identified by the teacher
    • Be prepared - bring the appropriate clothes or academic materials needed for the day
    • Participate with enthusiasm
    • Be respectful
    • Be safe in the locker rooms - No visible cell phones in the locker rooms
    • Students must have different clothes for PE than the ones they wear to school that day
    • "Loner" clothes are washed and available for students to use if a student forgets to bring clothes 
    • Students are responsible to dress appropriately for the weather conditions
    • Acceptable Clothes: athletic shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, sweat shirts, athletic shoes, stalking caps or beanies, hat when outside
    • Unacceptable Clothes: dress clothes, dress shoes, open toed shoes such as sandals and/or flip-flops, slippers, going shirtless, spandex only for bottoms, shirts that are ripped and showing off body parts.
    Personal Hygiene:
    • Showers - Optional, but recommended.
    • Deodorant/Perfume/Cologne -  Optional, but recommended.  Should not be used to replace a shower for lack of hygiene.
    • All PE classes are graded on daily participation - a student has to participate in order to receive points.
    • A regular PE day is worth 10 points.
    • A Fitness day is worth 20 points.  Every other Tuesday will be a Fitness day.
    • During participation students are graded on how much they physically participate and how they interact with their peers.  PE has many group/team games and it is important that all students are respectful to each other.
    • When students are absent they don't always have the chance to make up the work they missed.  Look at the following guidelines to understand when they do and don't get to make up their participation grade:
    • School Related Absences: students who are absent from class because of a school related reason, like a field trip or athletic contest, do not have to make up anything up.
    • Excused Absences: an absence that is approved by the office with an appropriate note from a doctor or parent, students do need to complete the make up
    • Unexcused Absences: when a student doesn't have an approved reason for being absent or when a student skipped class, students do not get to make up the points missed from the day
    Make-Up Assignments:
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